The 7 Principles of Universal Design brochure is a look into the different methods that the outdoor gym equipment is able to serve local communities. It was designed with landscape architects in mind as the primary consumer. 

The goal was to reevaluate the current 2-page flyer as shown below, organize the information into a digestible, cohesive format without exceeding the available space and integrate a front and back cover.
For the X-Treme Ninja brochure, my goal was to redesign the front and inside spreads of the original layout shown below and integrate all of the required assets into a comprehensive grid system that would transfer across all spreads.
Merchandising for trade show.
Print ad.
Email blasts.
This ad was included in the annual Recreation Management e-zine. My role included the graphics, type and slogan. The idea behind it was to market it as a playground for those kids who are too big for the playground.
Print ad for February 2024 Recreation Management.
My role in the designing of the 2024 sourcebook catalog included the front and back covers, and three inside spreads.